Understanding reports

Reports summarize information and activity related to certificates, administrator accounts, domain control, and general system behavior. They are generated using manual or scheduled report tasks that are unique to each administrator.

Once generated, reports can be downloaded. Additionally, report tasks can be configured to automatically email reports to specified recipients.

Report tasks can be managed on the Reports page.

Reports page

The following table describes the controls on the Reports page.

Column Description


The name of the report


The current status of the report task

The possible values are:

  • Done — The report has been generated

  • No Data — The report returned no information for the configured parameters

  • Unknown — The report task hasn’t started

  • Submitted — The report task is being processed

  • In Progress — The report is being generated


When and how often the report task will be run


The type of content that the report is for

The possible values are:

  • SSL Certificates

  • SSL Certificates Per Organization

  • Client Certificates

  • Code Signing Certificates

  • Device Certificates

  • Audits

  • Sent Notifications

  • Private Key Agent Activity

  • Domains

  • Admins

Next Run

The date and time that a scheduled report task will next generate a report

Last Run

The date and time that the report was last generated


The date that the report task was created

Table controls


Enables you to sort the table information using predefined groups


Refreshes the information presented in the table

Manage Columns

Enables you to select which table columns to display

Report controls


Opens the Create Report Task dialog where you can add a new report task


Removes the report task


Opens the Edit Report Task dialog where you can manage an existing report task


Initiates the generation of the report(s)


Opens the Histories for task dialog where you can download past reports

Reports are stored for 30 days


Downloads the latest report

View Audit

Opens the Profile Audit dialog where you can view or download audit logs