Understanding notifications

Notifications ensure that administrators are informed about important events taking place within their SCM account. In addition to the numerous default notifications, SCM supports the creation of custom notifications.

Customizable notification settings include:

  • Who should be notified

  • What type of event triggers the notification

  • When the notification should be sent

Notifications can be managed on the Settings  Notifications page.

Notifications page

The following table describes the settings and controls of the Notifications page.

Column Description


The name of the notification.

Notification Type

The type of event that triggers the notification.


The organizations and departments for which the notification is relevant.

Certificate Profile

The certificate profile of requested or issued certificates that is eligible to trigger notification.

Created By

The administrator who created the notification.


The number of days in advance of the event that a notification is sent.

Table controls


Enables you to sort the table information using custom filters.


Enables you to sort the table information using predefined groups.


Refreshes the information presented in the table.

Manage Columns

Enables you to select which table columns to display.

Admin controls


Opens the Add Notification dialog where you can add new notifications.


Removes the selected notification.


Opens the Edit Notification dialog where you can manage notification properties.

View Audit

Opens the Notification Audit dialog where you can view or download audit logs.