Understanding domains

Before requesting publicly trusted SSL certificates, you must add your domains to SCM and delegate them to organizations and departments for management.

Additionally, domains can be configured for certificate transparency (CT) log monitoring. This feature identifies any new public SSL certificates or precertificates issued for the domain, and automatically includes them in a designated certificate bucket for review. This process can help with the detection of unauthorized certificate issuance.

Once added, domains must be validated before publicly trusted certificates can be issued. For more information, see Validating domains.

Domains can be managed on the Domains page.

Domains page

The following table describes the settings and controls of the Domains page.

Column Description


The name of the domain.


The current validation status of the domain.

The valid values are:

  • Validated — The domain control has been successfully validated.

  • Action Required — Additional actions must be taken before validation can proceed.

  • Expired — The domain control validation has expired.

Table controls


Enables you to sort the table information using custom filters.


Refreshes the information presented in the table.

Admin controls


Opens the Create Domain dialog where you can add a new domain.


Removes the selected domain.


Opens the Edit Domain dialog where you can manage domain details.

View Audit

Opens the Domain Audit dialog where you can view or download audit logs.


Opens the Delegate Domain dialog where you can manage which organizations and departments the domain is delegated to and for which certificates.

Approve Delegation

Opens the View domain dialog where you can approve or reject the delegation of the domain to the selected organization or department.


Opens the DCV Request page where you can initiate validation of the selected domain.


Opens the DCV Request page where you can initiate revalidation of the selected domain.

Refresh validation status

Refreshes the validation status to match the DCV status in the Sectigo Public CA backend.

Clear DCV

Removes the validated status from the selected domain.

View Progress

Opens the DCV Progress dialog where you can view the validation progress and manually initiate CA DCV checks.

Continue Validation

Opens the DCV Request page where you can continue the validation process for the selected domain.

Cancel DCV Request

Cancels the validation request for the selected domain.