Adding custom fields

Add a custom field

  1. Navigate to Settings  Custom Fields.

  2. Click the Add icon.

    The total number of custom fields that you can add is specified by your Sectigo account manager. If you reach the maximum permitted, Add is no longer displayed in the interface. Contact your Sectigo account manager to have more fields added to your account.
  3. Complete the Add Custom Field fields based on the information provided in the following table.

    Field Description


    When selected, the field is available for use in certificate enrollment.

    Inactive fields are unavailable for certificate enrollment. However, existing data for this field is retained in SCM.


    The name of the custom field that will be displayed during enrollment.

    Certificate Type

    The type of the certificate that the custom field applies to.

    The possible options are:

    • SSL

    • Client Certificate

    • Device Certificate

    Mandatory for

    The custom field is required for certificate enrollment through the selected enrollment methods.

    The possible options are:

    • Admin UI

    • REST API & Endpoints

    • SOAP API

    • Enrollment Form

  4. Click Save.