The Sectigo integration provides a seamless solution for the enrollment, collection, renewal, and revocation of SSL/TLS certificates issued by the Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) from within a Jenkins pipeline or file. The Sectigo Jenkins integration is distributed as a custom Jenkins PKI plugin.

This integration provides the following features:

  • RSA 2048, 3072, and 4096-bit private key generation

  • Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  • Enrollment, collection, renewal, replacement, and revocation of certificates issued by SCM

The Sectigo Jenkins integration supports the generation, renewal (manual or automatic), and revocation of certificates. Certificates can be configured for automatic renewal using a user-specific certificate expiry window. There are various types of SSL certificates that can be requested by supplying the appropriate configuration options.

The types of SSL/TLS certificates available to you are based on your account setup.
Sectogi Jenkins Integration

Package contents

The Sectigo Ansible integration package contains the following:

  • sectigo-jenkins-plugin:

    • sectigo-jenkins-certificate.hpi: The Sectigo Jenkins plugin to be installed on Jenkins

    • Jenkins file: An example Jenkinsfile showing how Sectigo Jenkins plugin can be called to perform the supported certificate operations

    • sectigo-ssl-config.yml: An example configuration file for Sectigo Jenkins Integration

Sectigo Jenkins Integration Folder