The Sectigo Client SDK is a set of tools that allow you to communicate with APIs from the Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) through your own custom application. The SDK exposes several endpoints that provide a solution for the enrollment, collection, renewal, replacement, and revocation of SSL/TLS and client certificates issued by SCM.

The SDK is distributed as a Python library featuring the following:

  • RSA 2048, 3072, and 4096-bit private key generation

  • Certificate signing request (CSR)

  • Unmanaged function endpoints which communicate with specific SCM APIs and return JSON responses:

    • EnrollCertificate, CollectCertificate, RenewCertificate, ReplaceCertificate, and RevokeCertificate

  • Managed function endpoints which provision communications with SCM and provide means for storing and managing certificate-related files locally:

    • RequestManagedCertificate and ReplaceManagedCertificate

Sectigo Python integration

Package contents

The Sectigo Client SDK for Python contains the following:

  • sectigo_pycert.py: The Sectigo Python library

  • sample.py: Sample code that demonstrates end-to-end examples of EnrollCertificate, CollectCertificate, and RequestManagedCertificate for SSL and client certificates

Python Sectigo integration package